Z-Texas Math And Science Coaches Association

The Texas Math and Science Coaches Association or TMSCA is an organization for coaches of academic University Interscholastic League teams in Texas middle schools and high schools, specifically those that compete in mathematics and science-related tests.


The TMSCA is held every year in the month of March/April. 

March 21st, 2020 – Saturday

April 25th, 2020 – Saturday

Flyer: tmsca2020


TMSCA hosts two statewide competitions for member schools each year, one at the middle school level and one at the high school level, as well as a qualification competition at the middle school level prior to the state competition, also known as the Regional Qualifier. These statewide competitions are held at the University of Texas at San Antonio campus each spring. These competitions can often serve as practice for statewide UIL tournaments, which occur shortly after, and for middle school students are their only opportunity to compete at the state level (UIL competitions at the middle school level do not go beyond district).


There are four events in the TMSCA at both the middle and high school level: Number Sense, General Mathematics, Calculator Applications, and General Science.

Number Sense is an 80-question exam that is solved in only ten minutes. Additionally, no scratch work or paper calculations are allowed. These questions range from simple calculations such as 99+98 to more complicated operations such as 1001×1938. Each calculation is able to be done with a certain trick or shortcut that makes the calculations easier. The high school exam includes calculus and other difficult topics in the questions also with the same rules applied as to the middle school version. It is well known that the grading for this event is particularly stringent as errors such as writing over a line or crossing out potential answers are considered as incorrect answers.

General Mathematics is a 50-question exam that is solved in 40 minutes. These problems are slightly more challenging than number sense, and some of the word problems might take some thinking to figure out. Every problem correct is worth 5 points, and for every problem incorrect, 2 points are deducted. Tiebreakers are determined by the person that misses the first problem and by percent accuracy.

Calculator Applications is an 80-question exam that is solved in thirty minutes. This test requires practice on the calculator, knowledge of a few crucial formulas, and much speed and intensity. Memorizing formulas, tips, and tricks will not be enough. In this event, plenty of practice is necessary in order to master the locations of the keys and develop the speed necessary. All correct questions are worth 5 points and all incorrect questions or skipped questions that are before the last answered questions will lose 4 points; answers are to be given with three significant figures.

Science is a 50-question exam that is solved in 40 minutes at the middle school level, or a 60-question exam that is solved in a 2-hour time limit at the high school level. Tiebreakers are determined by the person that misses the first problem and by percent accuracy. As the name suggests, the test focuses on the science subjects learned in the middle school or high school level depending on one’s grade and the version of the test being taken.


Those who wish to volunteer for the event should register here. You will receive a TMSCA t-shirt as well as lunch catered by Bill Miller BBQ.