Z-Colloquia Spring 2019

Mathematics colloquia spring 2019

Spring 2019 colloquia

Colloquium talks this spring will be held in MS 2.02.02 Fridays 4:00-5:00pm..

  • Friday 15 February 2019
    Sasha Wang (Boise State University)
    Constructive Mathematics Learning Pathways: An Integrated STEM Approach
  • Friday 8 March 2019
    Marcelo Disconzi (Vanderbilt University)
    Recent developments in relativistic viscous fluids
  • Friday 22 March 2019
    Michael Kiessling (Rutgers University)
    The Einstein-Infeld-Hoffmann legacy in Mathematical Relativity
  • Friday 5 April 2019
    Louis Kauffman (University Illinois at Chicago)
    Introduction to the Mathematics of Rope Magic
  • Friday 12 April 2019
    Mrinal Roychowdhury (UT Rio Grande Valley)
    Quantization for Probability Distributions
  • WEDNESDAY 17 April 2019 in FLN 4.01.20 at 3pm
    [NOTE nonstandard room, date and time!]

    Mehrdad Kalantar (University of Houston)
    Quasi-regular representations of discrete groups
  • Friday 19 April 2019
    Yuanwei Qi (University of Central Florida)
    Traveling Waves of Gray-Scott System: Results and Perspective
  • Friday 26 April 2019
    Carlos Vargas Obieta (CIMAT, Mexico)
    Non-commutative distributions for simplicial complexes