Graduating Senior of the Month


Senior of the Month is an opportunity to showcase our undergrad seniors and their accomplishments. We want to recognize our mathematicians and their explorations of their journeys, so that we can motivate or inspire future mathematicians. We want to voice our unity in our community to the world!


  • Must be a Undergrad Senior ( 90 or more hours)
  • Major in Mathematics Concentration or General Mathematics Studies Concentration
  • Must graduate the semester the applicant is applying

Application Process

  1. If you are selected senior of the month, we will contact you via email.
  2. We will go over your application to see if you are in agreement to showcase your  answers via social media and through our bulletin boards.
  3. We will schedule a date to stop by the mathematics Department to meet certain faculty and staff.

Application Form

Graduating Senior of the Month

  • (Month, Day )
  • Academic Background

  • (If Any)
  • Please Include: Research Title, Location, Type of Conference, Date
  • Example Format- Name of Student Organization, Member: 2 semesters President: 1 semester
  • Max. file size: 300 MB.