Putnam Mathematical Competition

Congratulations to the UTSA Putnam Team for a solid performance in the 2019 Putnam Competition!

The following five UTSA students scored points in the 2019 Putnam competition —a UTSA record for the largest number of scorers!

    • Caleb Watson (UTSA Team Member and lead scorer) – Chemical Engineering with Math minor.
    • Aaron Mendlovitz (UTSA Team Member) – Math & Biomedical Engineering dual major.
    • Rudy Lozano (UTSA Team Member) – Math & Biomedical Engineering dual major.
    • Reece Willoughby – Math major.
    • Christian Fifi Culp – Computer Engineering with Math minor.

Caleb, Aaron and Rudy, the top scorers, formed the official UTSA team that determined our rank (131 of 488 institutions in the US and Canada, or top 27%).  As a testament to the difficulty of the 2019 competition, about 40% of contestants scored 0 points, and only half of the competitors scored 2 or more points.

General information about the Putnam competition and its history: