Master of Science in Mathematics

Program Admission Requirements

In addition to satisfying the University-wide graduate admission requirements, a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Mathematics is highly recommended as preparation. However, exceptional applicants with a Bachelor’s degree in a closely related field may also be considered for admission. Students who do not qualify for unconditional admission should anticipate that additional undergraduate and/or graduate coursework may be required to complete the degree. Applicants should provide scores from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). It is recommended that the applicant submit two letters of reference, preferably from those who can speak to the applicant’s mathematical abilities.

Degree Requirements

Degree candidates are required to successfully complete 36 semester credit hours in one of two concentrations, (1) Mathematics or (2) Applied Mathematics.

A. Students must complete the following 9 hours of required coursework: 9
Theory of Functions of a Real Variable I
Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable I
General Topology I
B. Students must complete 9 hours of required coursework for the selected concentration: 9
Mathematics Concentration
Algebra I
Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
Functional Analysis I
Applied Mathematics Concentration
Numerical Linear Algebra
Numerical Analysis
Differential Equations I
C. Students must normally take an additional 18 semester credit hours of coursework chosen from eligible graduate courses in the Department of Mathematics. Students may apply a maximum of 6 semester credit hours of graduate coursework from other disciplines as approved by the Graduate Advisor of Record. Undergraduate coursework taken for graduate credit must be approved by the Graduate Review Committee and may not exceed 6 hours of credit. 18
D. Students are required to pass an advanced comprehensive examination or successfully defend their thesis research results.
Total Credit Hours 36