Su Liang

Associate Professor

FLN 4.01.17

Research Interests

Mathematics Education

Research Interests
  • Mathematics Teacher Education
  • Active Learning
  • Mathematical Thinking
  • Integrating Elementary Mathematical Curriculum with Other STEM Subjects
  • Mathematics Teacher Education
  • Professional Development
  • Mathematical Thinking
  • Mathematical Learning Trajectory
  • Mathematical Teaching Strategies
  • Curriculum Design

Here are some of the courses I taught: Mathematical Content Courses for Future Teachers (Primary, middle, and high school levels), Calculus Sequences, Business Calculus, College Algebra, Mathematical Modeling, Calculus from Teaching Perspective (Math education graduate course), Computers for Math Teachers (Math education graduate course), etc.

Ongoing Projects:
  1. A NSF Proposal: Engaged Student Learning project in the IUSE program for pre-service teachers. The objective of Constructive Mathematics Pathways Leveraging Experiences for Advancing Prospective Teachers’ Learning (COMPLEAT) project focuses on improving prospective elementary teachers’ (PSETs’) engagement through innovative, interdisciplinary, and inquiry-based approach to address the pressing needs for integration of multiple disciplines in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. This is a collaborative project with 5 other institutions invloved
  2. A NSF Proposal: Calculus Success through Engaged Learning.