Raj Wilson


FLN 4.01.40

  • Ph.D., 1972, Mathematical Physics, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • M.S., 1964, Mathematical  Physics, University of Madras
  • B.S., 1962, Physics, University of Madras
Research Interests

Research Interests: Quantum groups associated with Hopf algebras are being studied very extensively in these days in order to understand and to seek a partial solution to the good old problem of quantization. The latter problem arises due to nonunique quantum theory obtained from a given unique classical theory.

Teaching Interests: graduate level courses in Algebra, Differential Geometry, Complex Analysis, Lie groups & Lie algebras and their representations. Interested in doing research on mathematics of quantization, representation theories, Lie group and Lie algebra structures. Currently working on a two-volume book on Geometric Algebra.

Research Keywords

Classical Complex function theory in several variables; C*-algebras, Quantum algebras