The Rights of the Learner: Reimagining Equity and Rehumanizing Mathematics Education

Dr. Crystal Kalinec-Craig,

UTSA Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching

Dr. Craig will speak about the equity-based framework called The Rights of the Learner that she learned from a mathematics educator in Tucson, Arizona. The four rights (to be confused; to claim a mistake; to speak, listen, and be heard; and to write, do and represent what makes sense to you) encourage students to exercise their right for their ideas to be valued. The Rights of the Learner also support teachers to situate their practice in what students already know and can do in mathematics. Framed within the research of divergent formative assessments like group-worthy problem solving tasks, the Rights of the Learner can support new teachers as they learn to question traditional models of mathematics education, and to (re)imagine what it means to value students’ diverse mathematics thinking. This interactive presentation will include a short small group, problem solving activity and a short video clip of a child user her rights as she solves a mathematics problem.

Wednesday, February 14

4:00 – 5:00 PM

FLN 4.01.20