Inquiry-Based Learning in Real Analysis

Dr. Oscar Chavez, UTSA Department of Mathematics

In this presentation we will share some details about the planning process of a qualitative study of a Real Analysis IBL course. We are interested in investigating in what ways an IBL approach to a Real Analysis class impacts students’ proof schemes. We will discuss the design of the study and some of the relevant literature. Harel & Sowder have proposed a framework to classify and examine students’ proof schemes. They have looked mostly at students in traditional courses, or as part of teaching experiments. We conjecture that in those implementations of inquiry-based learning (IBL) that provide experiences to students in which they must prove propositions on their own, students’ proof schemes will improve, as will their under-standing of proof, and their competence at writing proofs.

Wednesday, February 28

4:00 – 5:00 PM

FLN 4.01.20