Changfeng Gui

Professor, Dan Parman Endowed Chair
(210) 458-3073

FLN 4.01.36

Office Hours

By Appointment Only

Research Interests

Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Applied Mathematics, Image Analysis and Processing

Awards and Honors
  • Fellow of AMS, 2013
  • Provost’s Research Excellence Award,University of Connecticut,Storrs, USA,2007
  • Plenary Speaker, AMS sectional meeting, Storrs, USA,Oct. 28,2006
  • PIMS Research Prize, Pacific Institute of Mathematical Sciences,Canada,2002
  • Andrew Aisensdadt Prize,Centre de Recherches Mathematiques,Canada,1999
  • Excellent Thesis Award,University of Minnesota, 1991



  • 1991,Ph.D.,Mathematics,University of Minnesota,Minneapolis, MN,USA
  • 1987,M.S., Mathematics,Peking University, Beijing,China
  • 1984,B.S., Mathematics,Peking University,Beijing,China



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  • Zhuoran Duand Changfeng Gui, Interior layers for an inhomogeneous Allen-Cahn equation,
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  • Changfeng Gui and Mingfeng Zhao,Traveling Wave Solutions of Allen-Cahn Equation with a Fractional Laplacian, to appear in Ann I H Poincare-AN(2014),
  • Changfeng Gui and Tingting Huan,Traveling wave solutions to some reaction diffusion equations with fractional Laplacians, Calculus of Variations and PDEs, (DOI) 10.1007/s00526-014-0785-y